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Greyhouse Wines Portfolio

Greyhouse Wines is a Napa valley based independent winery crafting world class wines inspired by old world winemaking which represents an incredible value.

The Greyhouse Wine portfolio was created by Richard Bruno & Chris Condos of Vinum Cellars in 2018 at the need for value-priced wines. The wines are all traceable to source and grown by some of the finest growers in California through long-term relationships.  All wines are made from grape to bottle. The wine style is 100% varietal.  These are  varietally correct, higher acidities, food friendly wines at affordable prices. Focus is on organically grown, sustainable and single vineyard wines.

Sierra Del Mar

The Sierra del Mar label depicts the water cycle which runs through California annually from the snow capped Sierra Mountains which melt in the spring and flow into our delta waterways. Along with this precious water resource the breezes from the  nearby Pacific Ocean moderate the inland temperatures allowing the sun quenched vines to produce balanced, varietally correct wines.

Spring Street Winery

We named this brand Spring Street with significance to the historic El Camino trail. This brand features wines from varietally specific California central coast vineyards. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is from Paso Robles with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Monterey.


This brand is best known as a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon at exceptional quality and value. The wines are assembled using a n├ęgociant model where our winemakers purchase special lots from colleagues in the industry. Each blend is made using single vineyard lots from sub-appellations (many from estate properties) throughout the Napa Valley. Once the blends are mastered the blends are assembled and put into French oak for 22-26 months for maturation.

Sea Pines Vineyard

This is our Certified Organic Wine brand. The wines are made in the North Coast of California and Mendocino County. The vineyards are certified organic assuring no pesticides or harmful chemicals were used in the vineyard. The wines are made with the limitation of total sulfur containing less than 100ppm.

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